Photo by Formento+Formento

Architecture is a great source of inspiration for our work as eyewear designers. When we edited the pictures from Formento+Formento, and realized that they shot part of the new campaign in front of one of our favorite buildings, we were ecstatic! The Theme Building is an iconic landmark structure at the Los Angeles International Airport. It opened in 1961, and it is an example of the Mid-Century modern influenced design school known as “Googie” or “Populuxe.” The distinctive white building resembles a flying saucer that has landed on its four legs. The initial design of the building was created by James Langenheim, of Pereira & Luckman. “Fly Girl” sunglasses were named prior to Formento+Formento taking this photograph, it all made so much sense – “Fly Girl” was predestinated to be associate with the Theme Building!

Model: Jennifer McManis