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Lisa Lovatt-Smith was introduced to us through our friend Marcus von Ackermann, and her story and cause instantly touched our hearts. Lisa, a successful author and publisher, had an extravagant life working as the editor at Vogue Magazine and living all over Europe. In 2002, Lisa and her daughter volunteered at an orphanage in Ghana and her life took a drastic and significant turn. She quit her job and moved her entire life to Ghana to start an organization to help children at risk of abandonment, providing them with opportunities and secure futures within their own families and communities. Just imagine more people like her! The world would definitely be a better place for children in need. Lisa reminds us of a famous quote and call to action from Mahatma Gandhi: "Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

5% of the net online sales from all collections on this site will go to OrphanAid Africa. With your purchase, you are helping change the lives of children and families in Ghana! You could be a part of building a school, buying medication, and giving vulnerable children a hope for their futures - simple things that we often take granted in our own lives.